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How To Compose Dissertation Abstracts Using International Citation: Basic Tips

When you are tasked with writing a dissertation abstract using international citations, it is important to note that the citations will not generally be something that you include in your abstract. The purpose of the abstract is to provide your reader with information that relates to the entirety of your work.

  • For example, if you have four key chapters that constitute the body of your dissertation, you should have four key sentences contained within your abstract, one for each chapter. It is here that you will give the reader information necessary to better understand everything that you will present during the course of your dissertation.

  • It is important that you make sure you cover your findings and your conclusion within the abstract. Many students are afraid of giving away all of their information up front, which is why they neglect to include details such as the findings of the dissertation. However, this is only something you should do with your introduction, leaving out the findings. With the abstract you need to include a short sentence summarizing your findings so that someone who is reading over the abstract in the future can determine if they want to read the entirety of your dissertation or not based on its relevancy to their work.

  • When you are using citations, you should limit yourself to things that are necessary. You should be able to write around a citation in your abstract, because the abstract is only between two hundred and three hundred and fifty words which means you will want to avoid using any unnecessary words, which would include citations.

  • When you do cite something out of absolute necessity, you should make sure that the citation you use inside of your abstract matches the citation that you would use inside the body of your dissertation. If you have already cited something within the course of your text, you should simply copy the citation as it appears in the body, inside of your abstract.

  • The abstract is often the last piece that you write, which means that you should already have all of your dissertation citations and corresponding references complete before you begin working on the abstract page.

  • If you are still unsure of how to properly cite something you can always turn to your advisor and ask them to either direct you toward a source or toward a sample.

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