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How to write a Works Cited Page

The most commonly used format for a works cited page used on academic papers is MLA. It is very likely that throughout your educational career you will be asked to list all your research resources using MLA formatting, so listen up while we explain how to do it properly and without any stress.

The Basic Rules To Follow

  1. Your works cited should get its own page; it should be formatted with the same margins and headings as the rest of your paper.
  2. Title this page “Works Citied”, No flourishing italics of quotation marks just simply. Works Citied.
  3. Before you start listing sources include a space. The official regulations of MLA formatting state that the indent should be 0.5.
  4. Begin listing page numbers of the sources, when listing a span of pages use a hyphen. (Example: 200-213)

How To Punctuate

A properly formatted MLA works cited page will follow these strict punctuation rules;


Titles including articles, books, etc.,

Do not capitalize prepositions or conjunctions (the, is) if it is not the first word of the title or a subtitle

For titles of larger works you can use italics, instead of underlines and quotations for smaller works which include poems and news article.

Author Names

Author names need to be listed alphabetically with the last name first. Names should be listed in this order: Last Name, Middle Name (or initial), and First Name.

You do not need to list titles like Dr., Sir, etc. or degrees such as PhD.

When there is more than one work written by the same author, list alphabetically by title, and use hyphens in place of the author name instead of listing it repeatedly.

Works with an unknown author are also listed alphabetically by title in parenthetical citations write a shortened version of the title.

Example of Properly Cited Source:

Lastname, Firstname. Title. Location Of Publication, Publisher

Year of Publication. Medium

Other Things to Consider

It is extremely important that you learn how to cite your sources accurately, because you will be asked to do so throughout your academic career. For this reason many instructors will grade you based on how you’ve formatted your works cited page, and that you have followed the proper MLA formatting requirements.

If you are ever in there are plenty of resources online, or you may benefit from picking up the official MLA Handbook.

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Plagiarism is a serious issue in the academic world. To avoid this from happening, make sure to rewrite and reword the parts you have copied from the Internet and cite it properly.

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