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Useful Manual - All About APA Formatting Style

This short article serves as an introductory guide for students on the APA essay style used mainly in research papers and dissertations.

Don’t forget to adhere to correct academic conventions

Time and space do not allow for this guide to go into full detail on how APA papers should be set up. Interested students and those who will be using this format can search widely on the internet and through their high school, college, or library resources for more detailed guides which also come with coherent template examples.

Note that these templates are not copy-and-paste, ready-to-use modules. Students, forewarned here, should know that such a practice is indicative of not properly preparing dissertations in line with correct academic conventions.

APA explained

Such contraventions will be noted, and the lecturer’s final mark will reflect this. Let us begin with a brief explanation of this acronym. APA refers to the American Psychological Association. It is specifically used by academics and medical professionals to publish findings and falls under the academic sub-genre of the social sciences.

Let us also proceed with how the typed document should be formatted, typed, and printed/published. Note that lines should be double-spaced with one-inch margins (both sides). The American Psychological Association also recommends that all practitioners use the 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

Format of typed documents

Further, a page header must be inserted on every page. This will also include page numbers (to the right of the page) and preceded with the title of your paper (in capital letters). Characters should not exceed fifty in this instance.

APA documents should include no more than four sections. Each section will include a title, main body, and references; among other details (students can see what is included during their extended research).

Keyword usage

Finally, here is an interesting and yet important note on the use of keywords in this document. The main motivation, it goes without saying, for including keywords is that the dissertation or research journal will invariably be published on the internet.

Carefully selected keywords will allow fellow students and academics to locate the published article during their own research practices. After an italicized heading, the keywords are listed.

This article can easily be used as a checklist for students who are orienteering themselves towards preparing themselves for a dissertation essay in which the APA recommended style is relevant and/or suited to their writing work.

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