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What is revising and how to do it right

Revision is the thorough review of one’s work before presenting it. It involves editing and proof reading of one’s work in order to identify any errors they may have made while preparing their work. It is a simple process that requires a high level of attentiveness. To carry out this activity one should possess the following qualities:

  • They should be meticulous
  • It means that an individual should pay attention to every detail of the work they are revising

  • They should be keen
  • A person needs to review their work thoroughly for proper revision to take places

  • They should be creative
  • It takes a high level of creativity for a person to come up with ways of revising their work effectively

  • They should be organized
  • This means that a person should plan well before commencing the revision exercises in order to make sure that they have covered everything.

  • They should be objective
  • The students should revise their work as if they were evaluating it. This makes them open to making changes where needed and avoiding assumptions about their work being perfect.

  • They should be patient
  • A student should not rush while evaluating their work. They should take time to go through every sentence in order for them not to miss out on anything.

Skills are not enough to carry out revision effectively. There are a number of hints one should remember to execute this activity successfully. These hints include:

  • Plan the activities to be done this can be done by establish the number of activities that need to be done during the revision exercise.
  • After identifying the activities it is important for a person to list them down and device a schedule that will help them assign each activity with enough time.

  • Use reliable sources of information
  • It is advisable for a person to identify credible sources of information on how to revise their work to get good guidance on how they will execute the activity.

  • Get help form an expert
  • There are experienced people who have mastered how to revise different types of papers. It is advisable to get advice from them and if need be let them help with the revision.

  • Use spell check software
  • There is a number of software that can be used to check for spelling mistakes in the students work. Using such software saves time for the student and guarantees error free papers.

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