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How To Select A Relevant Dissertation Topic In Education In 5 Steps

If you have any problems with starting your dissertation project, do not be upset. These five steps will be very useful to help you choose a perfect dissertation topic in the education field. As soon as you make the first step, the rest will be much easier for you.

  1. 1.Make a list of the most suitable topics.
  2. Pick up to 10 different topics in your research area that appeal to you most. Try to describe each in several sentences. This will help you understand which ones should be removed or restated.

  3. 2.Try to do some small investigation on each of them to see which one you like most.
  4. When you have a couple of topics left on the list, you need to do some background research to see whether there are many works connected with them. Therefore, you will see whether it is possible to contribute somehow to the field.

  5. 3. Ask your advisor’s opinion concerning the topics left.
  6. Finally, when there are only two or three items in your list, you should schedule an appointment with your advisor to ask his or her opinion about them.

  7. 4.Never try to develop a completely unfamiliar topic.
  8. If you don’t have time for preliminary research, or if your advisor offers you a choice of some ideas for your paper, you should not choose a topic that is new to you. You need to have a good overview of the subject you are going to write about.

  9. 5. Make sure that your subject is interesting to your professor as well.
  10. If your professor finds your research project interesting, he or she will be more willing to help you.You may face hundreds of obstacles while researching, but your advisor can assist you in overcoming them.

A list of ideas for your dissertation project:

  • Is it important for children to go to preschool?
  • Should preschool education be compulsory for all children?
  • Should core curriculum develop the skills required by the information age?
  • Should schools allot more time to personality and character developing?
  • Why are private schools considered to be better than public schools?
  • Do students who have finished private school have more benefits than those who finished public school?
  • Is homeschooling more advantageous for students than ordinary schooling?
  • Do students who are schooled at home face fewer teen behavior problems than their peers?
  • Why should parents take an active part in their children’s education?
  • Do students who study at home have better results than those who attend traditional schools?

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