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Dissertation writing help: choosing questions for the discussion

Writing your discussion section of your dissertation can be done by creating a few questions to help you understand what information should be presented. In a way you need to think about questions that may be asked about your topic, research completed, and how your work contributes to a potential solution or breakthrough with the subject matter. This can be a challenging portion of the dissertation to complete when certain pieces of information is expected to presented. The following points can help you decide what questions to choose for your dissertation content.

  1. Your questions should be connected to your main point or idea. They may act as additional points to provide supporting evidence to your thesis statement or project purpose.

  2. Your questions should help you explain and interpret results from your research. In some ways it is a matter of thinking about questions you may be asked if someone wanted to know more about your work and how you came up with your conclusion

  3. You should be able to answer your questions thoroughly and provide good evidence when necessary. If you come up with questions that may seem difficult to answer you may need to reconsider your approach in developing them.

  4. Your questions may help highlight your approach on the subject matter. You can provide your understanding and unique knowledge by having questions that serve multiple purposes.

  5. The discussion often gives opportunity for the writer to make their opinion be heard. This means you can share your understanding and what you have learned through questions that can help provide more insight on how your work is contributing to the field.

  6. Create questions based on what your discussion section should display. This can be a variation of things from improvements that could be made, research direction for future researchers, problems you may have encountered while writing your paper, and providing a clear explanation of how your results are significant.

Additional Things to Remember

You can review your findings and thoughts with your colleagues. You may be able to get additional ideas on how to develop your questions from another point of view. Consider getting inspiration from other dissertations that were written in the past. Think about contributions that have been made in your field in the past and compare them to what you have completed.

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