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How to Select a Format For Scientific Papers

Scientific papers do not have a hard line format. There is a generally followed format which can be modified in different researches. But this cannot be generalized to all scientific researches. The requirements of format also vary from one institution to other and also some scientific papers. You need to see mainly the guidelines provided by the institute or researcher. Generally accepted or followed format includes title page, abstract, introduction, literature review, research methodology, results, discussion, suggestions, references etc. the sequence of these sections can vary according to the need of your research paper.

Usually the format of research paper depends upon the type of research you are doing. In order to select format for your scientific paper, you can get guideline from different sources.

Modules by international associations:

If you want to get guideline on what format to adopt for your scientific paper, you can see the format provided by international association of the relevant subject. By international associations I mean the associations of international setup which work as model for the relevant discipline. The model of these associations is followed internationally in all institutes. For example, if you are doing research in psychology then you need to adopt the guidelines of American psychological association.

University/ institution’s manual:

Some universities of higher standard and repute have their own standard of researches. They provide a complete guide for the researchers on standard format of the scientific paper. There is some basic requirement related to the format of the research or paper in every university which is essentially being followed. So you can go through that manual to see which format to follow. Many of the universities have online access to their research paper format.

Research supervisor:

Your research supervisor can also guide you in following the proper format. Supervisors better know the university and rules of the research. So, it is the first hand guidance you can access.


If you are presenting your scientific paper for publication in some journal then you should follow the format of that paper for approval of your paper. Sometimes, when you apply for it, they send you the format and changes that need to be made in format. So it becomes easier to make you format the best.

Research type:

The format of your scientific research also depends on which type of research have you conducted. For example, qualitative researches follow slightly different format usually than quantitative researches.

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