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PhD Writing: Help Me Proofread My Paper

Many times proofreading is confused with editing. Although the terms are often used interchangeably, their meanings are quite different. While editing deals with almost all aspects of content, language, fluidity, grammar, and structure; proofreading involves word-by-word correction of misspellings and punctuation. Editing can be said to include proofreading, but the reverse is not true.

After writing and editing your paper in broad strokes is the time for proofreading. You can do it yourself or look for help, professional or otherwise. If you decide to do it yourself, get some distance from the work for a while. Rereading it right away can cause you to skip small mistakes. Your brain creates shortcuts for its ease that can make you overlook errors.

You can ask a friend or colleague to help you or look for expert help. This can be done online. Some agencies can be located online but will do the work in the traditional way; others are online from start to finish.

You can visit a website where freelance writers register and post the job there. In the competition of the market, you are likely to get cheap rates. The downside is that you will not be able to ascertain the skill level of the freelance writer.

Online agencies are another good option. You will need to find out all about an agency’s reliability and background before you hire them to help you. Every agency is different, and some of these are just moneymaking factories, where the “product” sold is shoddy. A good agency will have a professional team of writers and editors, will have fair revision and deadline policies, and will charge you a fair fee for proofreading your paper. Another sign of a serious company is that they will arrange for you to chat directly with the editor or proofreader, and will keep communication easy for you.

You can do a few things to avoid any mishaps:

  • Ask around. Talk to people who have used the agency and ask them how their experience was. Visit sites that list reliable, quality editors and agencies.
  • Do not be tempted to go for the lowest or highest bidder on a freelance website. Saving money is not the top priority; neither is paying an arm and a leg thinking that the highest charging editor is bound to be the best. Go with credentials, previous work if any, and your gut feeling.
  • Avoid falling for noncompetitive and cheap prices. The services are going to turn out the same.

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Once you have written your academic essay, do not rush to submit it to your professor. Spend much time searching for grammar and punctuation mistakes.

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Plagiarism is a serious issue in the academic world. To avoid this from happening, make sure to rewrite and reword the parts you have copied from the Internet and cite it properly.

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