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How To Find A Good Doctoral Dissertation Advisor Providing Services For Free

If you are in the process of writing a doctoral dissertation as an independent researcher and do not have an advisor to guide you, there is no need to worry. There are many hurdles that you might come across during this period. Not finding a suitable advisor will never be one of them. Hiring an advisor is common but if you are strapped for cash, here are a few ways you can find a decent doctoral thesis advisor for free.

Look for Potential Candidates in Family/Friends

Do you have an elder sibling or cousin who got his/her doctorate in the same field? If you do, you can always request them to be your advisor. If not, look for someone among your friends and their families. There is a fair chance that you will find someone you know who would be willing to help you.

New Freelancers

There are many new freelancers who are looking to gain experience. They might be willing to help you out and guide you through your research and analysis for free. There are many online platforms you can peruse through to find the right candidate. However, sometimes word of mouth can be enough to find the right person for the job.

Look for Retired Professors

Retired old folks are always looking for something to keep them busy, and those who themselves have been academicians will jump at the opportunity to guide you on your thesis. The best thing about such advisors is that they have the time and the enthusiasm to invest really in your work. Some might be working part-time but will mostly have time to schedule meetings with you. They also have more knowledge and experience to guide you through a thesis.

Reach Out to Your University

Most universities provide with able dissertation advisors without charging extra. Ask your university for one if they do. This is the ideal situation because you will be sure of the competence of your advisor and will not have to go through the process of getting an outsider approved.

Before you go on to involve an advisor, make sure that the person you choose has a relevant academic background, has the time and is eager to help you out. Moreover, get the advisor approved from your university if he/she is not associated with it. Some universities have strict criteria as to who can become a doctoral thesis advisor.

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