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Legalization of Marijuana in Ohio. Introduction Sample

The use and benefits of marijuana use is a current issue for debate in the United States. In fact, 23 states have some form of legalized marijuana laws, mostly involving medical marijuana use. As recently as two years ago, voters in Colorado and Washington decided to vote in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. The debate has been that the use of marijuana does not pose any significant risk to the health and life of the general public. According to Pew Research Center in a survey by the U.S. government, showed that 18.9 million Americans 12 or older (7.3%) had used marijuana in the prior month. Support for its legalization has been growing and more popular in the last two years. With that in mind, many question just why marijuana continues to be illegal in so many states and according to the federal government.

While those two states have gotten the bulk of attention, there are many other states that have explored potentially changing their laws in order to legalize marijuana in some form. In Alaska, for instance, a ballot initiative just passed which legalizes marijuana for recreational use. More states are finding that this is good policy because it gives them the opportunity to both regulate and tax its usage. One state that is considering this type of policy change is Ohio. In order to understand just how this potential change will have an impact on Ohio, one might look at the previous cases in Colorado and Washington. While things are still somewhat murky in those two states because the law has not been in place for long enough to develop too many data points, one can draw some conclusions by looking at what is taking place in those two places. This paper will analyze how this particular policy will impact Ohio in an economic sense. It will be based upon the assumption that Ohio will adopt a model somewhat comparable to the Colorado model, which makes usage for both medical and recreational purposes a reality. The findings of this paper suggest that if marijuana were to be legalized in Ohio, there would be many potential economic benefits, and the state would stand to both generate money in some critical ways and save money on some of the subsidiary costs that are associated with enforcing the current marijuana laws.

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