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How To Write A Thesis Statement

When I was in High School and College there were a 100 horrible things that I would rather do than compose a thesis statement. When I handed in my writing assignment for preliminary review, it would always come back with red pen “please revise your thesis.” And after reworking my thesis several times I’d still get my final assignment back with the same remark “Thesis, statement needs work.”

This really used to bother me, because I considered myself to be a proficient writer who got good grades. Unlike my peers, I sincerely enjoyed putting together thoughtful compositions and reports and I’d always be the first to hand in my final draft. It didn’t seem fair that despite my knack for writing, I could never nail the “thesis statement”. It wasn’t until I composed my final report in art history that I finally understood what I had been doing wrong throughout my academic career.

A thesis does not need to be fancy. In fact you thesis should be the least fancy statement in your entire paper. Instead of focusing on the wording, try to pay more attention to the content of the statement. When my instructor was asking me to revise the thesis, they were essentially requesting that I re-examine how I have presented my written material.

Characteristics of A Great Thesis

You see a strong thesis, is short, formally worded and clarifies what the subject matter is. It gives clarity to the entire composition, and informs the reader what the next few paragraphs are going to be about.

For example:

Through my personal experiences and formal research I have concluded that a Thesis statement is a formally worded remark that clarifies the contents of a piece of critical writing.

This would be a thesis, about a thesis and the rest of the composition would have to provide evidence that defended this statement using personal insight and research examples.

If you are still struggling to write a great thesis, and are getting that same critique that I did “revise your thesis statement” try to simplify your approach. Instructors want to see that their students understand exactly what it is that they are covering in their papers. A concise thesis statement illustrates this, and is a vital part of the formal writing process. Now, when I write I always try to approach my thesis once I have completed the rest of the paper, that way I can pinpoint precisely what my thesis statement should be.

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