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What Is The Difference Between A Dissertation Prospectus And A Proposal?

People commonly use the proposal/prospectus word interchangeably for thesis and academic projects. However, this is a wrong thing to do. Both these words are different from each other and have a different meaning because the requirements for a prospectus are different from that of a proposal. Read below to clarify your concepts between proposals and prospectus

The prospectus of a dissertation

The prospectus of a dissertation is something you write for your own department headed by your own professors. This means that you are not trying to win something or arguing over the importance of your paper. You do not have to ask the professors if this paper is acceptable for further research or not. In most cases, you simply are showing them the topic and area you have decided to move forward with. You definitely do not have to give them the background information about the subjects or arguments to show the history of the research. The format, requirements, length and style of this paper is similar to the requirements by your professors or university. This may change with various departments and institutes. Your prospectus does not have any chances of rejection because you are not even asking for an approval. The professors may suggest edits and revisions to improve the scope of your work

The proposal of dissertation

The proposal for your paper is different from the prospectus in a way because you submit it to an anonymous committee and you do not know the members of the committee that will judge your assignment. In this situation, you are entering a contest and need to make sure that you win and someone else loses. You must be able to have an approval from the committee members and the chances of the rejection are as much there as they are for approval. You do not have to explain the topic or scope of your research only but you should be able to convince your readers of your work. A student needs to adopt a persuasive tone in this style of paragraph and must be able to persuade the audience of the ideas he has. You need to show them that your ideas are valid and of critical importance. It is important for you to critically review and evaluate each sentence in your paper so that the committee members cannot question anything in your assignment

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