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How To Find Dissertation Acknowledgement Samples: Five Useful Tips

For university students hoping to finish their PHD one of the most daunting things that stand in their way are dissertations. These long essays often scare the students who are required to write them because other than being extremely long they require so many different parts that students are often not sure where to start. One certain part of a dissertation that leaves students confused is the acknowledgement where they acknowledge the people who helped them. Many students have used examples in the past to help them write their acknowledgement, here are some tips to help you find a sample that can aid you in writing.

Five tips to finding dissertation acknowledgement samples

  • Start with your college and Google search the phrase dissertation repository along with your college's name to find examples of acknowledgements written by graduates before you. This will often give you a look into what your school is wanting from you.
  • While looking for samples to help you write you could always look at examples from others who graduated in the same field as you. Say, you are graduating with your PHD in physics; it could help you to write your acknowledgement to look at what other physics students wrote in their papers.
  • Decide if you want to have a dedication page as well as an acknowledgement page. Keep this in mind while searching and you can find a sample that will work well to help you write this part of your paper. Keep in mind while looking that many samples of writings all over the Internet were not written for the purpose you would use them for. A student may have written and acknowledgement page as an assignment for a class in high school or something, this means it could be formatted incorrectly giving you a high chance of make similar mistakes. While looking for your samples always keep in mind that the sample is from an actual dissertation, not an assignment a high school student did in preparation for college.
  • Look at how well received the dissertations the acknowledgement is from, if it was not received well why would you use it as an example, it could lead you down the wrong path. By finding a dissertation received well you can find an excellent example to help you write.
  • While searching on the web in an attempt to find an example of an acknowledgement to help you write your own keeping these 5 tips in mind can help you to quickly and easily find a good example in order to make your writing journey easier.

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