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Symbolism in Young Goodman Brown

Goodman Brown is symbolic of Browns personality and character Goodman suggests that the main character truly is a self-righteous, good man. Brown is often related a commoner, the name young implies that brown is still undeveloped in his beliefs. Goodman symbolized both good and evil. The symbolism symbolizes more about the devil and his mysterious ways, it reveals what he sees as the corruptibity that results from Puritan society emphasis on public morality, in which it weakens private religious faith.

Goodman respected members of the religious associations associating with the most immoral figures, including the devil himself. He claimed that he had seen hypocrisy and hidden sin first hand so he could not afford to belief anything that the religious group said. He claims that the devil has no boundaries when it came to matters he is concerned about. He goes further and stares that there is a war between God and the devil.

The Puritans believed that the forest at night was evil and that those who enter must be evil because good cannot rhyme with evil. He also believed that the devil's staff resembles a snake. He uses the word snake in comparison to a snake because it was referred to as a wicked animal. The intensity of the nightmares of him in the dark clearly distinguishes the difference between good and evil. Brown explains and shows that the devil and his evil descendants were off to take over and spread evil among the community and elsewhere.

Goodman claims that in order to overcome the devil one must be strong in faith but not physically. Brown fought to get hold on his faith. In his dream, the devil offered him a deal but he reject. The rejection of brown symbolizes the urge to keep off evil in the world. No sooner than later he accepts evil in the world, starts to follow the route to evil in the world, acknowledges the devils followers.tis symbolizes a tool of evil, and now symbolizes the new acceptance of evil in his world.

The symbolism in Young Goodman Brown is generally spiritual in nature. It highlights the battle between good and evil in which brown lastly falls in the evil path.

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