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My Research Paper- How To Define The Main Points

One of the most important parts of any research paper or essay is to clearly define what the main points are that the paper is meant to be addressing. A common amateur mistake that many students make is not clearly stating their three main points within the introductory paragraph and re-visiting them in the conclusion as well as the coinciding paragraph. Essentially when you are working with a 5-Part research paper outline you have an intro, 3 main points and a conclusion. Each of these parts should tie together nicely with linking clinchers, and allusions to one another. You want to select your 3 points carefully so that they can flow nicely and work together without seeming to far-fetched or as if they are unrelated. An “A” grade evaluated research paper will use main points that are supported by strong evidence and are clearly related and easy to tie together while also being unique and definitively different.

It may sound pretty complex but if you understand your thesis and do a bit of preliminary research it can actually be simple to do. Imagine that you are writing a paper on the negative effects of media on female self esteem. If your thesis statement is about making changes in the way that media is presented in order to preserve and protect the self-esteem of women your three arguments should be related examples demonstrating how media influence has negative effects on self-esteem. The evidence that you choose to present should come from verifiable resources and be generally related to one another but also distinctly different. In this case three examples may be:

Thesis Statement: Media should be more strictly censored in order to protect the self-esteem of young women who are exposed to negative body image messages on a day to day basis.

  1. Photo manipulation (Photoshop) examples in the media and there impact on body image
  2. Changes in Instances of eating disorders, depression and suicide in young women comparing the last 5 decades (before and after photoshop)
  3. Extreme examples of how media has effected self-perception and self-esteem in our modern culture (ie: The Barbie doll effect)

Do you see how you can create an engaging essay that has clearly defined main components that are tied together by a general theme that suits your thesis? This is the best way to approach a writing assignment of this nature because it will not only make your final draft easier to read, but it will also increase the cohesiveness of your entire paper and make it ultimately more focused on a single issue or concept that you are trying to address.

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