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How To Prepare Good Answers For Dissertation Defence Questions

Thesis defence or viva is a form of an oral examination where you answer the questions raised by your fellow professors and other intellects regarding your paper and all the solutions that you have submitted in it. Well it is an important part of your college level education.

It is helpful for your future aspect of life. Here you get to know what kinds of question you may face from the outer world apart from your college, about the thesis you have written. What kinds of topic might be raised against your paper? You will be ready then to meet your critics with great answers.

Let us go through some of the ways to prepare good answers for your dissertation defence questions.

  • Know your subject: You must be well aware of your area of expertise. The questioner may ask you questions from your stream but from a topic outside your thesis paper. You must be able to answer all with excruciating details and you will gain a place of superiority in their eyes. If you fail try not to avoid the question, answer with whatever logic you have. Never give a negative response.
  • Knowing your audience: One must thoroughly gaze through his/her audience to judge them before the beginning of the question session. You need to know that whether you have a mix discipline in your audience or you have only specialist of physics. If your topic is about physics just give a basic introduction about your topic, but you have a mixed discipline you need elaborate to all the people so that they don’t feel left out.
  • Thesis topic: Well the topic you have chosen should be interesting. As an interesting topic is always an eye catcher. The topic should not be so vast that you land up in great trouble while learning the whole lot about it. It should be precise and noteworthy so that even the interviewer finds it thought-provoking.
  • Justify you topic: One must be quite ready to justify his/her topic when being asked about it. It is one of the most common questions which you will be asked, i.e., to justify the importance of your thesis paper. You need to have a full-fledged answer ready to counter this question. You need to study about your topic’s importance. Once failed to justify this, will result in loss of interest amongst the audience.
  • Practice: You must prepare a slideshow of your points. While presenting it do explain each and every aspect of the points that you have come up with. Don’t lose a single string else it might raise question against your sufficiency of knowledge on that particular angle. For that all you need to do is practice. You need to practice your presentation as many times as you can. This will create confidence in you and you will be ready for any kind of questions.

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