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Book Report Writing: How to Create an Outline

Writing a book report or any other kind of report, essay, thesis, research paper or dissertation does not have to be a daunting task. With the proper tools and knowledge this can be accomplished with no difficulty in any way.


One of the most important tools that you will need is an outline. An effective outline can make writing a book report almost like a fill in the blanks assignment. You will also need the book and the knowledge of what the book is about.

Getting Started

Once you have your book and either a pencil and a piece of paper or a computer you can sit down and start your book report. The outline should be first. Write the title of your report at the top of a page and then your opening statement about what the book was about and what parts you will cover through the course of your report.

When you have that done you will need to make either a bulleted or a numbered list. Each point on this list will come from your opening statement. There will be one bullet or number for each part that you named in your opening statement that you were to cover in the report.

If there are any subtopics for each category then you will need additional bullet points or numbers for those and they will be indented farther than your original/main topics.

At the end of the outline, write out what you learned in the reading of the book, how each of the topics you discussed led to the conclusion.


Now that you have your outline, go back to the beginning of the outline right after the topic. You should be looking at your first bullet point. Starting there you will begin filling in the bullet points according to what each topic or point was. Be clear and concise without using fluff or filler just to make a specific word count. Each sentence should carry weight and be necessary to the finished report. Do this for each bullet point or number until you get to the end of the report.

By having a proper outline for anything that you need to write, you get have of the work done immediately. You organize your thoughts and make a list of topics that you can just follow point by point until you reach the end.

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