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Research Questions For A Dissertation: Effective Writing Ideas

The research question of a dissertation establishes what you hope to learn about a topic and guides you through the process of collecting and analyzing data. There is no formula for the perfect research question. The best ones are refined and worked on rather than simply discovered. To form a successful question, start with a subject that interests you and think of a relevant problem. Formulate the question according to the academic features of a research question for a dissertation. Here are five main features a good research question should have.

  1. The question is relevant to the subject matter.
  2. The research question needs to interest people in your field of study. This means it must arise due to an issue discussed in somewhat modern relevant literature. Establish the purpose of your research in terms of the general subject matter of your topic.

  3. The required volume of research is manageable.
  4. You have to be realistic about the scale of your research. Also, the question needs to be within your scope of abilities. In case it turns out to be unmanageable, develop a contingency plan to anticipate possible problems. It may be possible to prepare another question with your supervisor, if some factors of your project are impossible to predict.

  5. The course requirements are consistent with the question.
  6. The scope of your research needs to satisfy the learning criteria of the course. Find out early on whether you can conduct a purely theoretical study. If you choose this option, think about how you’ll explain why it was the most appropriate way of addressing the question. If you choose to ask a question that requires a practical study, prepare to show what new insights you produced about the subject.

  7. The final answer is clear and simple.
  8. An unclear question can often lead to a confused research process and uncertain results. If your question is complex, it’s better to have one key question followed by simpler components.

  9. The question is genuinely interesting.
  10. Many questions are chosen because they become fads. Mostly they are picked because of their relevance to a desired job or another personal circumstance. You need to be able to explore the subject and be ready to back it up by academic and intellectual debate. And most importantly – you need to be interested in a subject to ask a good question about it.

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