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Article review: summarizing your writing

Whether you are writing a research paper, book report, personal essay, or some other assignment, one of the integral parts of any paper is the summary. Found at the end of the written piece, the summary is your last chance to impress your reader and motivate them. This is where you review what you have been talking about, leave with a call to action, and promote your point of view one last time.

A common saying that has been associated with the summary part of the paper has been used for years- in a paper you say what you are going to talk about, then you talk about it and at the end you tell what you talked about. The summary portion of the paper is where you recap and go over your major points from the body of the paper. If you had five supporting paragraphs each one likely correlated to a particular point and now is when you review those quickly at the close of your paper. This helps you remind your reader of what you have been saying the entire time. A call to action is something else that needs to be included in the summary part of your paper. This is where you leave your reader with something powerful, memorable, and challenging. If you have been talking about a hot topic or have been arguing for some work that needs to be done, this is where you challenge your reader to get up and get busy so they can make a difference. A call to action could be for them to work within the community, take a stand on a certain issue, help some charity group, or simply to change how they think about something in life.

The summary is the time to throw your point of view out there one last time before your reader puts down the paper. You have introduced the topics and have talked about it effectively, now it is time to tie all the loose ends and end on a note that leaves the reader feeling satisfied and motivated. Restating your thesis statement from your introduction is a very common way in which writers do this, as it remind the reader of what your focus is and what they should remember about your paper.

When you include these three element into your summary paragraph at the end of your paper, you have a better chance of leaving a lasting and positive impression on your reader!

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Plagiarism is a serious issue in the academic world. To avoid this from happening, make sure to rewrite and reword the parts you have copied from the Internet and cite it properly.

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