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Canadian Foreign Policy

The topic I wish to discuss in this article is Canadian Foreign Policy. This is an issue with broad worldwide ramifications. The foreign policy of Canada is an issue with over 200 years of history behind from the beginning of British rule over most of Canada to its more independent aspects in today’s modern world. The foreign policy of Canada is wide ranging but I will focus on several aspects with recent implications the War on Terror, Relations with Russia, and lastly the nation’s relations with the nation of Israel. These three topics are of importance to modern day Canadian foreign policy and influence much of the Canadian government’s actions.

The first issue I will address is the War on Terror and Canada’s involvement with the American led wars in the Middle East. Following the 9/11 Terror Attacks Canada was one of the first nations to line up behind its southern neighbor and assist in foreign combat and auxiliary roles in the both Afghanistan and Iraq. Though Canada has not been as heavily involved with these wars it has been a major player fielding numerous troops and resources to assist in the missions in these two foreign wars. Much like America Canada has received terror threats as a result of this involvement and has had to adjust its internal and foreign security measures to meet the challenges this brings.

The second major issue in Canada’s foreign policy has been their relations with the nation of Russia. Since the end of the Cold War Canada’s foreign policy has been more positive toward Russia. However in recent years with the beginning of the Ukraine conflict and the nations have had colder relations. Russia has violated Canadian airspace on numerous occasions to test the defensive capacity of Canada’s Air Force. Though often tense the two nations remain on cordial terms though Canada has followed American led initiatives regarding sanctions and foreign policy actions in regard to Russia.

The final foreign policy issue has been Canada’s relations with the State of Israel. The Canadian foreign policy has been to generally follow America's lead in having a protective and positive outlook toward Israel. Though Canada has usually followed American led warm relations toward Israel it has often independently had even more friendly relations with Israel than even America. While not without opposition the relationship between the two countries has been usually warm and cordial. This sums up the major foreign policy issues in Canada’s recent history. While other issues are important these take center stage in much of the concern of the Canadian parliament and electorate.

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