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11 Outstanding Dissertation Topics On Sports Marketing

Sports marketing is an ever-growing discipline. Considering how culturally important sports are today, knowing how to effectively advertise to fans of all ages is imperative. It’s a discipline that involves promoting teams, games, and events through seemingly unrelated products. Here are a few dissertation topics that we hope will inspire you.

  1. 1. How Advertising Affects Customers
  2. This can be a fairly general topic. However, it’s a worthy question. How do advertising campaigns affect customers? What inspires customers to make purchases (aka, tickets to games)?

  3. 2. The Power of Brand Loyalty
  4. In this discipline, customers are often extremely loyal to specific teams and leagues. What inspires this loyalty and how does this affect future customer behavior?

  5. 3. Clothing
  6. Many clothing and attire companies benefit heavily from associations with various sports teams and events. What factors lead to a sports attire company’s success?

  7. 4. Assigned Seating
  8. How does seating in a stadium affect customers’ experience? Do certain seating arrangements have a negative or positive effect on the customers’ buying power?

  9. 5. Social Media
  10. Especially in today’s day and age, social media has a huge influence on marketing and how potential fans will perceive current events. How does social media affect this discipline?

  11. 6. Team Sponsorship
  12. How exactly does corporate sponsoring of a team affect both the brand and the team itself? In this dissertation, you’ll be taking a look at the unique relationship between both and what contributes towards a successful sponsorship relationship.

  13. 7. Effective Grassroots Marketing Campaigns
  14. Many small organizations and leagues benefit from grassroots marketing campaigns. What makes an effective grassroots marketing campaign? Can grassroots campaigns be profitable?

  15. 8. The Olympics
  16. The Olympics is the world’s biggest sports event, period. There’s a lot of potential with this topic. How do the Olympics affect the economy of the host country? How can advertising campaigns successfully take advantage of the Olympics?

  17. 9. Women’s Sports
  18. With this topic, your primary objective is to examine how women’s teams can benefit from effective marketing campaigns.

  19. 10. Athletes as Spokespeople
  20. How exactly do athletes benefit advertising campaigns? Athletes, on a regular basis, sponsor cereals, clothing, electronics, food, and so on. How can this relationship be mutually beneficial?

  21. 11. Soccer
  22. Known as football everywhere else, you may wish to use soccer and its unique relationships all over the world as a diving board into writing an effective dissertation. How has marketing affected the popularity and notoriety of soccer teams/athletes? What effect does the World Cup have on various economies and consumers?

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